Annual Day 2016-17

Loreto Convent School celebrated its Annual Day on the 10th of December, 2016.

Mr. C.M.T Britto graced the occasion as the Chief Guest.

The programme began with a prayer dance by the students of the Primary Section followed by a Welcome Song by std X students.

The show began depicting the two earths - the green earth of 1990's was compared to tech earth of 2050's. The earth of 1990 showed its greenary with less pollution and clean drinking water. The earth of 2050 showed lack of oxygen, shortage of drinking water, pollution and global warming.

There was a musical touch to their enactment.

The students of the Primary and Secondary section brought out the theme "In Harmony" as to how

the five elements of nature work in harmony...with nature.

Through dance drama the students conveyed the strong truth that, "God's creation is utmost beautiful"

Right from creation till date, man has been discovering the secrets of nature and using it for a better lifestyle. The students of std V, VI, VII, VIII, IX represented the five elements of nature i.e. Earth, Sky Water, Fire and Wind repectively.

The programme helped realize how the discoveries and inventions that happened gradually made man greedy as he started satisfying his unending wants instead of just fulfilling his needs.