Annual Sports Day 2018 - Welcome to Loreto Convent School - Chembur, Mumbai

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Annual Sports Day 2018

Major Celebrations

Annual Sports Meet

The Annual Sports meet was held on 13th of December, 2017. As the year 2017 has been declared, the year of International tourism, the theme for the day was Explore, Develop and Sustain to facilitate integration. Mr. T.V.Reddy, (I.F.S), Chief Vigilance Officer of R.C.F. Ltd was the Chief Guest. Mr. Reddy was welcomed with the school band, accompanied by Sr. Bernadette, Mrs. Sulekha and the Captains of the school. The day began by evoking God’s blessings through a Prayer Service. The chief guest then lit the torch and declared the sports meet open by releasing a pigeon. This was then followed by the Oath which was taken by the students.

After the Oath ceremony the Secondary students were all set for the March past which was then followed by the school band. After the band display the secondary students had two athletic events.

The students of Primary section displayed special features of four chosen countries – JAPAN, CHINA, HAWAIIAN and RUSSIA.

Std I -Dressed as delicate Japanese women and fishermen enthralled the audience with a depiction of Japanese dance – The Naguata or long song, the parasol dance and a dance by the fisher folk of Japan.
This was followed by 2 secondary races.

Std II- With their Table-tennis rackets displayed the national game of China – The Ping Pong.
Following this the secondary students took part in 2 races namely – The under 12 – skipping & 50 m. race.

Std III- Virtually transported the parents to the exotic islands of Hawaiian with their swaying movements and expertise with their Hula hoops.
After the Hawaiian holiday the audience was treated to a beautiful dance presented by Std IV students depicting Russians in the form of a Russian dance.

After the Std IV drill the students of Primary section portrayed the true meaning of the theme through the Grand finale.
The Grand finale conveyed the message of INTEGRATION between nations in the Economical, Cultural, Religious & Social Spheres. After the grand finale the events which followed were: -
Flat Races for Girls & Boys – Std I to Std IV.
Primary Relay and the Novelty Races.

Std I- Novelty race for girls was a show of dexterity with hoops; while the boys had a three legged race to show that togetherness leads to progress.
Std II-Girls very well presented the relationship between India & China through their Novelty race. While the boys carried the Chinese dragon which symbolizes power, strength & good luck.
Std III- Girls conveyed the message to the audience that to build a community ‘WE’ need to be in union and the boys conveyed the message of being in harmony with the neighbor through their novelty race – Balance the ball.
Std IV-Girls novelty race indeed brought the audience to realize that we all need to reach out to people in times of distress. While the boys showed that determination leads to success through their novelty race.

Std V - students put forward a very lively dance based on South Africa Wild Life and preservation of nature.

Std VI - students gave a perfectly synchronized yoga demonstration stressing the need for physical fitness.

Girls of Std VII used the lezims to show case a colorful and vibrant fitness drill conveying messages on cleanliness. The importance of farmers and Unity in Diversity.

We travelled to Ukraine country the students of Std VIII as they gave a mesmerizing performance of the country dance.

Std IX Showed fitness can be fun too through a Zumba work out to foot tapping music. The Secondary students ended with a Grand Finale

After all the races the Chief Guest was invited for a speech and distribution of the prizes to the winners.

Sr. Bernadette then gave vote of thanks. The program was concluded by singing the National Anthem.

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