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Day to Day Activities - 3

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Seminar on Stress Management

On the 12th of October 2015, a seminar on "Stress Management' was conducted for the students of Std IX and X. The main speaker of this seminar was, Fr.Braganza of Don Bosco who is a well known counsellor.The seminar commenced with a Sanskrit prayer song which induced a mood of relaxation among the students .  The prayer song was followed by a mediation exercise.

Father started off with the seminar by elaborating on the four aspects of life- the body (physical aspect), the mind (intellectual aspect), the heart (emotional aspect) and the mind soul (spiritual aspect). He pointed out through various examples that there has to be a balance in all the four aspects in order to have a balanced life. We were then shown an inspirational video on the motivational speaker Nick  Vujicic - the man without limbs.

Father further gave us a deeper insight on the meaning  of Love, sexuality and Relationship . He then elaborated on the following methods to de-stress onself:

Make a list of things that stress you out.

  • Establish priorities.

  • Make a weekly timetable.

  • Make sure you get enough rest.

  • Make time for prayer and meditation.

  • Make time for exercise at least 20 minutes, 5 times a week.

  • Relaxing needs to be a part of your daily routing.

  • Talking  things out with someone you trust.

This talk was indeed  inspirational and if we really followed these  methods, we would move on from being distressed to de-stressed.

- Meryl Jacob
 School Head-Girl

Vaachan Prerna Din - Secondary Section

"Reading is to the mind what exercise  is to the body"

15th October was celebrated as Vaachan Prerna Din in memory of the Birth Anniversary of our former President Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam.  The programme began with a prayer service conducted by our captains. The Chief guest for this celebration was Mrs. Santhini Govindan, a writer of children's books lliving in Mumbai.  An award winning writer, she is also an editor for a well known group of children's magazines.  Through her thoughts, she mesmerised the students and indeed inspired the writer in them. The Head Girl, Meryl Jacob thanked her for the valuable speech. The programme then continued with talks on the importance of Reading, speech on our former President Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kadam and recitation of inspirational poems.

Students also spoke on the book that inspired them.  Students then dispersed to their classroom to spend the remaining time of the day reading their favourite books. Indeed, a day well spent in  reading as the acronym says:
READ - Relax, Excite, Awaken and Delight.

Vaachan Prerna Din - Primary Section

In commemoration of Dr. Abdul Kalam's love of children and reading, the children of the Primary Section asked to bring a favourite story book from home.  This they shared and exchanged with their friends in class.  Some even shared their view about a particular book and explained what they found attractive about it.  The children were quite happy to break from their daily routine and do something different.    

Shatter the Silence, Stop Child Abuse!

Child Abuse is unacceptable. Every child needs to be saved from the fear. The predators target the children especially children girls as they are vulnerable. Many a times children innocently fall prey to this social evil. Inorder to bring about an awareness on this sensitive issue, R.C.F. police conducted a Workshop on Child Sexual Abuse for the students of Loreto Convent School on the 11th of July, 2015. Through documentaries students learnt Personal Safety Rules and became aware of the Child Helpline Tollfree no 1098.

Let us unite to tackle this issue and to give our children the future generation, a safe and better place to live in.

Farewell to Std IV

The farewell party for the IV Std students was held in St.Emilie Hall on 12th April 2015.  Amid prayers, game and entertainment, the children shared their thoughts and memories of Primary school .  Their excitement was palpable and brought cheer to their Pre-primary and Primary school teachers. Good Luck to them and God Bless.

History Activity

Children from standard IV dramatised events from Shivaji's Life as a part of their History activity.  Children made costumes with dupattas and presented the events very well.

Science Activity

Children from standard IV C presented their views on different natural disasters like earthquake, solar flare, Tsunami, Tornadoes, draught and Famines etc. The class was divided into 9 groups. Children presented the topics using charts , maps etc.

Swach  Bharat, Sundar Bharat

On the 11th of February 2015, Parle-G- organized a special talk on the importance of cleanliness in the secondary section of Loreto Convent School.  Through games like paper toss and paper plane, students learnt the importance of keeping their surrounding clean.  They were then shown a video through which students learnt the  three golden words, "Do not litter". In the video they saw how our country is littered and polluted & because of this we can be prone to air-borne and water-borne diseases. Students pledged, "We are the agents of change, we will make India, litter-free"

Investiture Ceremony

'A Leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the ways'  
-  John C Maxwell

The investiture ceremony of the new office bearers for the Secondary Section of Loreto Convent School for the academic year 2015-16 was conducted on the 31st of January, 2015. The  ceremony began with a meaningful prayer service followed by the handing over of the house flag and badges by the outgoing captains and vice-captains. The new office bearers then marched forward to shoulder responsibilities.  the Manager Sr. Bernadett, handed over the school flag and the House flags to the captains.  the Headmistress, Mrs. Sulekha, pinned their badges. The Head Girl, Vice-Head girl, Captains and Vice-captains then pledged to carry on their responsibilities and work with dedication to the glory of God Almighty and the Honour of our school. Sr.Bernadett congratulated the new office bearers and motivated them to work for the betterment of the school.  she also thanked the outgoing captains & Vice-Captains for having done their job  to the fullest and best.

Mrs. Sulekha also spoke words of encouragement.


Provincial Visitation
We, the Loreto Family were indeed blessed to have with us our newly elected Provincial of India, Sr. Francisca, who was on her official visit to our school on the 13th of January, 2015.
Sr. Francisca addressed the students and encouraged them to live a life filled with values for a better tomorrow.  She further affirmed that through this visit, the identity of St. Joseph of the Apparition and the mission of the school is strengthened, to keep up the same spirit according to our motto, ‘Onward with Honour’. We thank her for her blessings and assurance of prayers to face the worldly challenges.

Manage stress before it manages you

The major cause of stress in today's world is the inability of people to discover their real nature. Loreto Convent School has tried to help parents re-discover their real nature by conducting Parent's Workshop. Sessions were conducted for parents of students from the Secondary, Primary & Pre-Primary Sections. These fruitful sessions were conducted by Mr. Shreepad Parkhe, an efficient Training & Development expert, a multi-talented personality who has diversified work experience in people development, customer relationship management and corporate strategy with India's best companies. The Parents found the sessions to be very useful which helped them understand their kids better and build the Parent-Child relationship stronger.  They  were thankful to the school Management for having conducted such motivating sessions.


Salaj Megharaj, a class IV student of Loreto Convent Primary School, Chembur has won bronze medal at the MSSA Mumbai Indians Badminton Tournament (Under 10)  held at Cricket Club of India (CCI), Churchgate on 16th September 2014. Kudos!

Help stop child Abuse

Awareness about child abuse
There has been an increase in crimes against children in recent times.  The predators target the children as they are vulnerable.  Child sexual abuse is one such crime against children.  Most of the time, parents are not aware about  the issue, as the child is scared to share such awkward experiences.  Here the school comes to rescue.  By conducting an awareness programme about this sensitive issue, schools can help a child become aware and protect oneself from predators.One such awareness programmed  was  conducted by our school on the 13 th of August, 2014 by the Childline India Foundation.  The volunteers who carried out this programme are certified by CIF.  Through story-telling and Question & Answer sessions, children learnt about personal safety rules.  And exclusive tool-free number was also given to the children. Such programmes not only help the parents and students to tackle such issues, but school in particular, to develop a child grow in  a safe environment, as they are our future nation builders.

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