This year 2018 is a very special year for the Loretians. This year we are celebrating 50 golden years of our school. We officially inaugurated the Golden jubilee year with a short and elegant ceremony on 23rd January, 2018.

          For a period of five decades, the school has been unfailingly forming integrated and empowered students.  Our alumni have excelled in various fields, many of them being very successful in varied paths of life. Sometimes the service we have rendered to the nation may seem small considering the enormity of our country but it is important to realize that little drops of water when combined make the mighty ocean.

          The roots of the present lie in the past and so to the past we look in order to understand the evolution of Loreto into a fine institution that it is today. It all began in 1965 when the R.C.F. which was then Fertilizer Corporation of India, requested the Good Shepherd sisters to begin a school for the children of their employees. The name of the school then was Good Shepherd Convent School. After three years, the Good Shepherd sisters wished to withdraw from the school.  So in 1968, the Fertilizer Corporation of India, requested the Loreto sisters to take over the management of the school. The sisters agreed and took over the management of the school on 16th June 1968. They rechristened the school to its present name: Loreto Convent School. Thus Loreto Convent School will turn fifty on 16th June 2018.

          Back in 1968, when the school began its journey under the guidance of Sr. Victorine and Sr. Ursula, it just had about 300 students and eleven dedicated teachers. The students were moulded by many dedicated sisters and teachers. The then motto of the school, ‘Serve in Joy’ reflected the conviction that the welfare of humankind requires that each one of us contribute to society.  

          The Sisters of St. Joseph of the Apparition took over the management of the school from the Loreto Sisters in the year 2000.  The present motto ‘Onward with Honour’ is formulated to reassert that in service we move forward with honour. Taking on from the strong foundation laid by the Loreto sisters, the school has been marching ahead under the able guidance of sisters of St. Joseph.  We remember with gratitude all those because of whom the school has reached where it is today.  We are indebted to Sr.Josephine and Sr.Geetha - my predecessors for their vision and leadership.  The commitment of our dedicated staff, the constant support of  the R.C.F. management and the cooperation of  the  parents are the real ingredients of our success formula.

          ‘Onward with joy and honour’ is the theme of our jubilee celebration. This theme is in consonance with our endeavour to raise the standard of the school by ever more joyfully empowering young girls to recognize their fullest potential.

          We are planning lot of activities and programmes to mark the Golden Jubilee year. Alumni gatherings are being planned so that our past students could revisit their alma mater and relive their happy school days in the company of their school friends.  Please visit our website time and again to know the updates.  I look forward to your support, time and resources including financial help to make this year a really golden one. Continue  your prayerful support too.  I am confident that together we will make this year a joyful and a memorable one. May God bless us all.


Sr. Bernadett