There are two big halls in the school premises. St. Emile hall  is named after the patron saint of the St. Joseph apparition congregation is attached to the Secondary Section of the school.  This hall can accommodate about 500 people.  It has a spacious stage and two rooms on the both sides of the stage. During the school hours this hall is used for conducting the morning assembly.  It is also used for conducting the extra-curricular activities such as drawing, singing, dance, karate and other activity classes. The other hall is Mary Ward hall.  It is mostly used by the Primary section of the school for their different activities. It can accommodate about 150 people.  It has a small  stage and a room attached to it.  Primary school's morning assembly is conducted in this hall.

Science Laboratory

Science Lab.At Loreto Convent we have well equipped state of the art Physics, Chemistry & Biology Laboratories to help the young scientists of our school to develop scientific temper and scientific attitude because we believe in the Maxim: I Hear and I Forget. I See and I Remember. I Do and I Understand. Science is all around us in our daily living and the more you experiment with science and observe; the more fascinated you will become in finding answers. Science Experiments and Science Projects are full of fun, easy and exciting hands-on experiments that will help you answer a lot of questions.

Library (A Window to the World of Knowledge)

To inculcate the reading  habit among our children we have a well furnished and well stocked Library in Primary as well as Secondary section of the school. For the benefit of the students and teachers as well, the books have been classified, grouped and arranged according to subjects. A trained  librarian encourages, guides and assists students as well as teachers as per their need.

  • Approximately 1000 books are there in the Primary section.
  • About 325 reference books are available for Primary teachers.
  • Approximately 8000 books consisting of fiction and reference books are made available for Secondary students.
  • About 3000 reference books are there for Secondary teachers.
  • News papers, periodicals and special students editions are subscribed for the students to keep them informed about the current topics.

Computer Lab

In the electronic age of computers and fast progressing technology, we at Loreto Convent aim at training at preparing the students for future challenges. The well equipped air-conditioned room with about 16 PCs, offerts vibrant and interesting global educational exposure to the learners through multimedia and online internet services.

AV Room

The air-conditioned audio-visual room is equipped with overhead projector (OHP), multimedia, educational CDs/ DVDs and karaoke units. With a seating capacity of 80-100 people, they are being used for students and faculty activities like classroom presentations, conferences, lectures, educational programmes and also entertainment.

The school has a basketball court with two movable basket stands.  A special coach trains the selected girls.  The Loreto team has participated in DSO interschool competitions and has won prizes in different age groups.  They have also represented the school in MSSA interschool competition. Some players were selected for the state level basketball team.

Play Ground

There are three playgrounds in the school premises.  The physical Education teachers use these for conducting to different games, mass PT, marching practice, band practice etc.  The children get a chance to play in the open air in their PT and games periods.  Swings and slides are also provided for children’s enjoyment. Pre-Primary section play ground has jungle Gym, Merry-go-round and slides.  Generally when the weather is good children are taken to the play ground where they play and enjoy.