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Parents Nite

The Annual Day of our Primary section was held on 29 January, 2011.  The occasion was graced by our Chief Guest, Chairman and Managing Director (R.C.F), Mr. R.G. Rajan and his wife, along with other invited dignitaries.  The programme was held at the Gangadhar Deshmukh Hall and began punctually at 6 p.m.

The chief guest’s arrival was heralded by our Secondary school band and he was given a traditional Indian welcome by our Secondary girls.  After he had been led to his place of honour, the programme began with a prayer song, followed by lighting of the lamp.  This was followed by a brief introduction of the Chief Guest and he was presented with a bouquet in appreciation of his presence.

A Welcome Song followed and marked the beginning of the evening’s programme.  The theme chosen was “Love Creation”.  Compeared by two students of Std IV, the parents and guests were led through a Kaleidoscope of sights, sounds, music and dance presented in turn by Std I, II, III and IV.

Std I began by showing early life on earth one of the planets in the Solar system.  Through beautiful choreography   and props, the children showed how humans, animals and plants lived and thrived in harmony with nature.

Std II depicted how humans gradually gave up the life of hunters and good gatherers to settle down to an agrarian way of life.  Man worshipped and learnt to use the forces of nature, namely water.  However, successive generation of humans began to take nature for granted.

Std III showed how, with advances in science and Technology, man’s greed began to overshadow his need.  In his rush to prosper, men began to abuse and pollute nature, in the process; he began to live in a way that endangered all life on earth and his own health.

Std IV highlighted the need to correct the direction that human civilization has taken and to stop the damage that we are caring to earth and creation.  Through song and dance, the   children attempted to bring awareness of the pressing need to save trees, water, and electricity and stop pollution.  They did not propagate grandiose schemes, but instead, tried to coax the audience to take small but significant steps, in their own domestic lives, to right the imbalances that plague the very existence of life on earth.

Thus, the message for the evening’s programme was successfully conveyed through a lively mixture of music and dance.  The bright and colourful costumes and props ensured a visual treat for the eye.  Parents and guests were highly appreciative and teachers felt content that every child had been given an opportunity to show case his/her talent on stage.   It was an evening that will be remembered with pleasure, by one and all.

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