Academics - Main

Great importance is attached to regular attendance at school because children learn by sharing knowledge and experience in the class and by participating in class work. Taking leave every now and then hinders the progress of the child and this has to be discouraged unless it is absolutely unavoidable. In such cases the permission of the Principal must be obtained beforehand and the reason for the absence explained by the parent. Attendance on the first and the last days of the term and at school functions such as Teacher’s Day, Sports Day, Independence Day and Republic Day is essential

If the process of education is to be consistent, the home and the school need to be closely linked and the parents have a very important role to play in the education of their children. They should co-operate with the teachers in every possible way. Parents are earnestly requested to see that their children attend school regularly and punctually. Must attend the parent teacher meeting held periodically and frequently communicate with the teachers to discuss the progress of their child. They are also requested not to enter the classroom during class hours to disturb the children by calling them out of the class etc. They should not write any remarks in the children’s note book. All communications should be addressed to the principal. On holidays, school business will be done either at school office or at the sister’s residence.

The day in Pre-Primary Section (the Junior and the Senior KG) begins with a Prayer and a prayer song which inculcates the value of humanity. There are subjects like General Knowledge, Number work, English Language, Drawing and colouring craft, projects and activities based on festivals and topics in General Knowledge, Number work and English.

General Knowledge

Topics are usually connected with nature and hence the students are able to see real things for their practical experience. They are also shown visual slides and pictures to bring in the understanding of connecting the real objects with the printed material.

English Language

(a) Vocabulary - Utmost care is taken to teach the pronunciation/ phonetics, word formation. Introduction to familiar names of objects and words and sentence required for language expression such as Rhymes, poems, storytelling, etc are included in it.
(b) Handwriting - The child is taught to write with the help of the teacher, right from holding of the pencil to formation of patterns to writing print alphabets for the juniors and the cursive writing for the seniors. They pick the skill of cursive handwriting with expertise and learn to write two, three letter words and also a few sentences on topics like the Sun, Myself, The cow etc. This all is written by teachers in the notebook as well as worksheets for the better understanding of the skills used for writing by the child.

Number work

Simple topics like counting, addition and subtraction are taught to enhance the numerical skills of our students in mathematics with the help of practical knowledge like helping them to count by giving them objects when they learn to count. There are workbooks to give the knowledge about number work and mathematical operations. Most of the teaching and the explanation go in this manner making maximum use of things around them.

Play and work activity

All work and no play makes one ‘dull’. So there are singing period during the class hours.  Students also enjoy playing in the garden in our school premises.  Competitions, Annual Day, Annual sports day are also conducted with an aim to encourage and to bring out different talents among the children.

The school follows Maharashtra Board syllabus to prepare children for the State Board Secondary Examination.  The teachers are trained to teach with the Holistic Development approach.  In the primary section subjects like English, Mathematics, General Science, Environmental Studies, History and Geography are taught as per the text books of the state.  Marathi language is introduced in the second standard.  Value Education/Catechism is also included in the syllabus to make a strong moral base.  PT periods help to develop good physique and discipline. Art and craft periods are kept to encourage the creativity.

Teachers lay stress on making the concepts clear by using different audio-visual aids.  Children having any learning difficulties are identified and sent for the evaluation so that teachers can handle them differently.  Many of our teachers have done a short course in counseling to help children in the need of their specific problem.

In the secondary Section following subjects are taught. 1. English, 2. Maths, 3. Science, 4. Physics, 5. Chemistry, 6. Biology, 7. History & Civics, 8. Geography, 9. Marathi, 10. Hindi

Computer learning is also introduced in the 5th standard. Teaching of Art and Craft encourage children to display their creative/ artistic talents.

Value Education/ catechism lay stress on developing strong moral base and life skills.

Teachers use laboratory work, library, and AV room to make the learning more interesting and practical. Many competitions, quizzes, display board competitions etc., are also held to inculcate the habit of self learning and healthy competitive spirit.