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Message from Principal

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‘Change is the only constant thing in life’

Everyone in the world speaks of ‘change’ these days. Change for the good or for the bad. The old lament the ‘change’ in the younger generation, the young devour the change in technology, the parents are baffled by the ‘change’ in the attitude of children, and the children are tossed by the ‘change’ in the upbringing of parents. All said and done change is the only constant thing in life, a simple word with a difficult meaning.

We the educators speak of ‘change’ in the education system. The need of the hour is to make education relevant to the younger generation which is more advanced. We as agents of change need to create an environment that will help the students to teach themselves.

The Loreto Convent School carefully nurtured under the able guidance of the Loreto nuns from 1968 to 2000 is now excelling through the indomitable dynamism of the sisters of St. Joseph of the Apparition. I am thankful to all the hard work put in by the Loreto nuns and my predecessors, Sr.Josephine and Sr. Geetha for taking the school ahead in various fields.
Today we wish to journey in the direction of creating a society of students who take responsibility for their education, who are not just literates but who can learn, unlearn and relearn. We as facilitators help the learners in bringing out the best in themselves. We as counsellors enhance the parents to shoulder their responsibilities through the art of parenting.

Presently as we live in a world where our children get all the information they want at the click of a button, we are faced with the greater challenge of being well informed individuals who can help our children to overcome the misconception of concepts.

‘Change is inevitable, progress is optional’ says Tony Robbins. We as educators make an option to progress in our lives not just being efficient but effective individuals who would empower our students to be healthy nation builders.
I wish and pray for all our teachers and students that each one makes a choice to be the change for better as there is no change without a struggle.

Sr. Bernadett


The seeds of education were sown on the fitting soil of Chembur. The seeds, being of the finest quality, developed in to a strong tree bearing abundant fruit. We are on the threshold of a new academic year. Before I look ahead, it is with the sense of gratitude I remember the RCF management for providing the infrastructure to educate the future generation of the country, the Loreto Sisters – the missionary Sisters of great zeal and enthusiasm, with their unfailing faith they erected a strong edifice. With perseverance and perfect devotion Rev. Sr. Josephine of our Congregation, built the superstructure and strengthened our school that stood the challenge of changing times. Thanks to the efforts of Sr. Josephine, the former Principal.

“Time rolls on, the Tides change, but the Little Stars of Loreto Shine on for Ever in the Educational Firmament”.

Our school must cultivate the heart and the mind of the students. One of the universal truths taught in the school is “Sun rises in the East” A critique can easily observe that the sun never sets nor rises. It is only the movement of the earth which causes such appearance. Today’s curriculum does not encourage critical consciousness. The knowledge is a journey from the magical-naïve consciousness to critical consciousness. In the prevailing environment it is easy to follow the corrupt ways that seem to make life cozy but a person with a critical consciousness would be able to be the one to listen to his/her heart’s call and will choose the Right path and not the Easy Path.

My humble prayer to God is to help and guide every student passing through this school, goes out with a transformed heart and inquisitive mind and will remember the values taught in this school and keep the Loreto banner flying high in the world. All the initiatives of the school including the web page may serve this end.

Former Principal,
Sister Geetha

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